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How to Beat the Winter Blues and Stay Healthy

For those of us that experience winter and groan about the cold seasonal months, there are ways to chase those winter blues away.

Making the most of the winter months can be challenging if we tend to look at this season with a disgruntled view. Changing the attitude towards winter is the first step in acquiring peace of mind if we’re going to make it through those long months of unwelcomed weather.

A positive outlook can make all the difference in how we can turn the winter months as personal assets for our overall well-being.

beat the winter blues

Below are ways that can help the process:

Be Good To Yourself

With the sun setting earlier and not so quick to rise, taking advantage of sunlight as much as possible can help reduce a lack of seratonin, a hormone which makes people feel more optimistic and energetic, and can alleviate moodiness and listlessness.

Also, a recommended proper dosage of vitamin D in our bodies can serve healthy metabolic functioning since the sun is one of the largest contributors for this essential vitamin. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight trigger vitamin D synthesis in the skin, as well as aiding the absorption of calcium, helping to maintain and form strong bones. Lack of vitamin D intake can cause one to be prone to illness, as the metabolism is not receiving what it normally needs in order to create proper physical equilibrium.

Good nutritive sources in providing a well-balanced amount of vitamin D can be found in foods such as fish, dry cereals, fortified rice, milk, cod liver oil and egg yolk. For individuals with allergies to these foods, vitamin D supplements can always be obtained over the counter at your local drugstore or in the health section of your nearby grocery store.

Be creative in the kitchen and perfect your culinary skills

During the warm seasonal months we tend to forget our kitchens as we spend more time outside visiting out-door terrace restaurants and sipping on our favorite wines and eating delicious cuisines, or if that’s too expensive for our tastes, throwing a simple BBQ gathering with our friends and family.

Spending time in the kitchen during the winter months to master those delicious foods we found more to our tastes during the summer months can ease away tension and stress as we ignite those pleasant memories. There’s also fun in creating quality time with the family, and for those of us who are single, inviting friends over can turn into a festive occasion as well.


Busy yourself with home improvements

Face it, while summer may be fun the home often goes neglected due to our long absences outside. Only when winter sets in do we begin to see the minor annoying cracks in the ceiling etching along the wall corners. Or maybe the wallpaper starts to get boring to look at especially when it starts peeling. Overflowing messy wardrobes or closets as well as piles of various clutter can instantaneously demoralize us.

Minor home renovations isn’t that hard to do and if in doubt, there are plenty of reading materials to educate even the most inept of us. Don’t be shy in purchasing a “Renovation-for-dummies” book. Where is it written that minor renovations should be complicated, such as changing wall tapestry, filling in the noticeable wall cracks or simply caulking the bathroom tiles and tub?

Setting aside a few hours every week-end to tackle these minor renovations as well as cleaning up the annoying clutter can bring a peaceful ambience within our home and a sense of prideful achievement to lift the morale up.

Keep fit instead of having one – exercise

Because winter months tend to be longer than summer and with the sun setting earlier, essential exercise will often be ignored. One solution to beat the winter blues is to join a fitness club in your neighborhood. You not only get to run the treadmill but have the opportunity to join in social activity with other people.


For those people who don’t want to wait for the car to warm up, developing a habit of doing a series of well-performed exercises at least three times a week can keep you in shape along with the advantage of not gaining any surplus weight that might very well take place if winter inactivity continues. Don’t wait till summer to find out that your clothes are too small due to negligence in keeping the fat off the scale.

Aside from feeling physically better, you’ll prevent yourself from having to face regrets when looking into the mirror after those long winter months disappear with the arrival of the next seasons.

Take the time to read a good book or to rent a home video movie

There’s nothing like relaxing in your favorite lounging chair, nestled comfortably sipping on a cup of your favorite hot beverage and reading a good book. If reading is not to your standards then perhaps watching a good movie on television will work. Either option can change the mood simply by injecting the brain with different ideas.

Winter doesn’t have to be boring. You’d be surprised how any one of the above listed methods can be catalystic towards chasing the winter blues away and to make life more enjoyable.

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