Amazing Health Benefits of Spices

We’ve come to live in a world where a lot of our foods are chemically treated and many of us acclimate to the growing changes, which are not necessarily healthy for our well-being in the long run. Eventually, we come to realize that homeopathic remedies are needed to restore the …

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10 Tips for Winter Home Protection


When Jack Frost comes nipping around the corner with winter on its way, it’s time to batten down the hatches and keep your home warm and safe from snow, cold and ice. From experience, I’ve learned that some homeowners will take the time to invest in permanent solutions against winter …

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Is the Mediterranean Diet for You?

Eating healthy, it is on many of our minds. We want to lead healthy, long lives so that we can see our children grow and set a healthy example for them. While many people across America are dealing with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and being overweight, there are many …

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How to Winterize Your Home for Under $75

Winterize Home

Winterizing your home, whether it is a rental or your own, can save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every year in utility costs. Many individuals and families out there don’t really have the resources or the ability to hire a professional to install new storm windows, insulation, eliminate …

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How to Beat the Winter Blues and Stay Healthy

beat the winter blues

For those of us that experience winter and groan about the cold seasonal months, there are ways to chase those winter blues away. Making the most of the winter months can be challenging if we tend to look at this season with a disgruntled view. Changing the attitude towards winter …

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